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B&B La Giardinetta | Trekking | Altopiano di Asiago



Our territory offers routes of varying difficulty and of great naturalistic, environmental, landscape, historical and architectural interest.

Itineraries suitable for soft mobility and Nordic walking .


Thanks to Antonello you can move in the Asiago plateau and surroundings comfortably and in serenity with your smartphone along the paths traced specifically for you!

Neve sci e ciaspolate
B&B La Giardinetta | sci e ciaspolate | Altopiano di Asiago

Skiing and snowshoeing

The Altopiano dei Sette Comuni hosts 200 km of cross-country skiing tracks, so much that it has been renamed the "capital of Nordic skiing".

The area also offers over twenty ski resorts for downhill skiing lovers.

The trails and hiking trails are transformed in winter into ideal itineraries for both daily and nightly snowshoeing.

May 28

A night to remember. Fresh cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.

B&B La Giardinetta | Mountain bike e-bike | Altopiano di Asiago

Mountain bike and E-bike excursions


Discover the beauties of the Asiago plateau by MTB or with the comfort of a pedal assisted bike .

Thanks to Antonello, an Italian cycling tour guide , you can have technical assistance and advice to study the routes that best suit your needs, guided excursions , E-bike and other equipment rental service, indoor shelter , washing and mechanical support .

Escursioni in MTB e E-bike


B&B La Giardinetta | Altopiano di Asiago

Walking through the contrade

The territory of Lusiana Conco is dotted with "contrade" , typical groupings of houses, people and stories, of great historical, architectural and panoramic value, easily reachable on foot or by bike .


A suggestive medieval town , famous for its castle that surrounds it and the Piazza degli Scacchi where, every other year in September, the game of chess with living pawns takes place.

It is essential to attend this game, animated by dancers and flag-wavers strictly in period clothing, in a wonderful setting that has the majestic castle as a background.

B&B La Giardinetta | Marostica | Altopiano di Asiago




Suggestive medieval town , famous for the castle, the walls that enclose it and the Piazza degli Scacchi where, every other year in September, the game of chess with living pawns takes place.

It is essential to attend this game, animated by dancers and flag-wavers strictly in medieval costumes, with the majestic castle on the background.

Marostica is animated by markets, small shops and restaurants, where you can taste the excellences of the territory in a fairytale setting.



In addition to the pretty town center, animated by clubs and shops, Asiago offers the opportunity to practice various sports.

With its 200 km of tracks for cross-country skiing and over twenty ski resorts for downhill skiing, it is an ideal destination for those who want to try their hand at this discipline.

Asiago also offers a multitude of routes of varying difficulty, enjoyable on foot, on horseback or by MTB. Asiago offers many sites of panoramic and historical interest, such as Monte Ortigara, archaeological value , such as the prehistoric graffiti found in the valley bottom of the Val d'Assa .



B&B La Giardinetta | Asiago | Altopiano di Asiago
B&B La Giardinetta | Bassano del Grappa | Altopiano di Asiago

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa


Famous not only for the enchanting Ponte degli Alpini designed by Andrea Palladio, but also for the Civic Museum hosting artworks by prestigious artists such as Jacopo da Bassano, Palazzo Sturm with one of the worldly most important collections of engraving art, the Ezzelini Castle , the Grappa Museum .

In the evening, the bars in the main squares are a meeting point for a relaxing aperitif , just before having dinner in the excellent restaurants.


B&B La Giardinetta | Museo Lusiana | Altopiano di Asiago

The Museums

of Lusiana

The Museums of Lusiana


The network, located in the Lusiana area, brings together seven sites of ethnographic, anthropological, archaeological, historical and naturalistic interest: the Palazzon Ethnographic Museum , the Prehistoric Village of Monte Corgnon , the Valley of the Mills , the "Dario Broglio" Alpine Garden , the Museum of Alpine Fauna, the Labioli Area for ancient labours and the Itineraries of the Great War. The museum organizes visits, guided excursions and educational workshops.



The Places of

Great War

The Places of

Great War


The poppy became the symbol of the First World War as it punctuated the background, especially on the western front. In the same way, the Plateau was the scene of that clash whose wounds are still visible in the chasms opened by the bombs , in the trenches dug with difficulty, in the forts built against the cold, the altitude and poor equipment. Today these are places of memory or an opportunity for reflection, as happens in the Path of Silence , where contemporary installations interact with the echoes of history.

B&B La Giardinetta | Arte | Altopiano di Asiago